Photo by Brett Bowman


I’ve had the gift to connect with the ‘greater than human’ world and spirits and create art since I was very young. Since my spiritual gifts were so entwined in my art, and I lacked guidance, it took me some time to understand how to honour and share these spiritual gifts openly, to support others and be of service.

I was born in Canada and my ancestors are Scottish and Irish back two to four generations from me. For years, I’ve been committed to breaking the chain of expressing ancestral trauma through alcoholism and depression, while struggling with it personally.

I also have a 30-plus year career as a professional artist and educator, incorporating technologies and subtle energies in sculpture, experimental digital media and interactive environments.

You can see my art work here.


Teachers and Trainings

The foundation of my spiritual trainings was a 2-year program with Anna Dorian at The Shaman’s Way in San Francisco. I’ve since taken other Shamanic trainings and retreats with Simon Buxton at The Sacred Trust, UK (Soul Retrievals & Extractions), and Dr. Daniel Foor at Ancestral Medicine (Ancestral Lineage Healing & Practical Animism).

I also have an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Art and Technology Department.

I take classes and workshops all the time – some practical hands-on techniques and some philosophical/theoretical – and am very excited to synthesize seemingly disparate ideas and integrate these into my art and spiritual practices.

I’ve recently taken workshops and classes with David Abram (Animism), Dr. Gabor Maté (Trauma-informed compassionate inquiry), Dr. Richard Schwartz (Internal Family Systems), Gayle Revels (Mediumship), Dr. Bayo Akomalfe (The Wandering Winding Way of the Wound), Sophie Strand (The Body is A Doorway), and Dr. Siv Watkins (Practical MicroAnimism).

During the Pandemic, I became a beekeeper, and completed a Permaculture Design Certificate from Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training (E.A.T.)