Image by Nicole Magnolia @ www.nicolemangiola.com
Image: "SF State Art Department", 2019, Victoria Scott
Image: "Found Meditation Tapes", 2019, Victoria Scott

Who am I?

Welcome! I am Victoria Scott, an artist, creative facilitator and animist guide into the spirit realms. I was born in Canada and have a 30-plus year career as a professional artist and educator, incorporating technologies and subtle energies in sculpture, experimental digital media and interactive environments.

I’m a science and technology fascinated creative problem solver, an animist, a synthesizer of disparate concepts and a psychic deep diver.

You can see my art work here.

Recently, I’ve been creating and publishing creative spaces for meditation in Virtual Reality. You can see some of these virtual environments here.


What is this?

I offer private sessions to journey into a space of imagination that is animistic, creative, and curious. The work we do together is intended to journey into the core of an issue and clear this energy. This is a process of experimentation rather than solution-based. My role is to walk with you into this process and help clear and retrieve what you need to heal and resolve the issue.


Who is this for?

  • This work is for anyone who feels stuck in their lives and wants some help walking into the unknown.
  • Anyone needing assistance with creative problem solving or finding a creative solution.
  • Help untangling personal issues, work and group dynamics.


What will we do?

I’m honored to walk into the unknown with you and hold space in your process of discovery. I approach each session with the deep grounding of my creative and spiritual trainings and then let my guides and my intuition find the best course for working with you.

Depending on what my guides advise for your session, we may perform a healing ritual, journey, soul retrieval, extraction, energy clearing, guided visualization, or divination. We may also make art together!

I don’t know everything and we may not be the right fit. In this case I’m happy to offer a referral to a qualified and gifted colleague who may be able to help you.


Who are my Teachers and Trainings?

Anna Dorian (2-year program, The Shaman’s Way, SF), Simon Buxton (The Sacred Trust, UK), Daniel Foor (Ancestral Medicine), and Siv Watkins (MicroAnimism).

I also have an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the Art and Technology Department.

I take classes and workshops all the time and integrate these into my daily practices as an animist guide and visual artist. I’ve recently taken workshops and intensives with David Abram, Gabor Maté, Gayle Revels, Bayo Akomalfe and Sophie Strand.

During the Pandemic, I became a beekeeper, and completed a Permaculture Design Certificate from Starhawk’s Earth Activist Training (E.A.T.)